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IBM( Diamond Sponsor)

IBM Indonesia has been operating in Indonesia since 26 May, 1937. Ever since our inception in Indonesia, IBM has evolved to become the forefront of technology and grown into a leader in Cognitive and Cloud Platform. Today, IBM Indonesia operates from Jakarta with the support of more than 100 partners serving local and global clients from enterprise to small medium businesses.

After serving the business communities in Indonesia for more than seven decades, IBM has seen a sea of change, but the company's fundamentals and values still prevail. While we continue to focus on providing advanced technology and business solutions to our valued clients, we continue to contribute and give back to the Indonesian society. As one of our Indonesia's leading corporate citizens, IBM has been active in the corporate social responsibility and humanitarian as well as education areas through its Corporate Citizenship program employs IBM technology and expertise for the improvement of education and address other locally relevant issues.

Celebrating 80 years in 2017 of bringing progress through innovation, IBM Indonesia is currently serving over 1,000 clients across the nation.

“In IBM, competitive advantage is created through data & analytics; business models shaped by cloud & individual engagement powered by social"

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Appier ( Gold Sponsor)

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Signify( Gold Sponsor)

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Dattel (Exhibitor Sponsor)

Deemed as the “Bloomberg” of consumer data, Dattel is the only Consumer Intelligence company in the world that provides ASEAN consumer data across 153 categories and multiple dimensions.

We ensure that our data are sourced only from verified respondents through an integrated infrastructure that can capture reliable data from the same source continuously for holistic view of consumer.

In every step of the way, our data collection process incorporates technologies and practices to obtain data of the highest quality. Our quality assurance is aided by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning systems developed in-house that gives transparency, confidence and accuracy.

Dattel’s advanced data matrix that is developed by converging consumer journeys and interaction channels allows cross-tabulation of consumer data across verticals and dimensions efficiently through an interactive and intuitive web-based analytical cum visualisation console.

This intelligence console reveals not just Who, What, When and Where, but also Why. It’s the access to the “hidden truths” of why consumers behave as they do which gives businesses a holistic understanding of consumers’ behaviours, priorities and needs.

Besides that, Dattel’s data infrastructure also gives businesses the access and agility to capture consumer data on-demand that are much deeper and relevant to respective businesses. These additional data can be further analysed and visualised for greater insight at an unparalleled timeframe. 

While Dattel aims to be the global reference for ASEAN consumer data, the potential of its client base is global in nature. Any companies that are interested to get into the ASEAN market or any part of it and is in the business of consumers products would require such data.

With Dattel’s Consumer Intelligence product & service suite, businesses will be empowered with actionable insights of their consumers that will allow them to develop and implement the right strategies at the speed of business.


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DRH (Exhibitor Sponsor)

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